Dr. Pushpinder Mander


Practice Owner, DVM

Dr. Mander has been working as a veterinarian since graduating in 1996 and has been at Stonewall Veterinary Clinic since 2005 where he soon also became one of the owners.

He always strives to provide the best level of care to your pet(s),while working with you. He enjoys working with all animals big and small and has completed his Masters in Veterinary Surgery.  Dr. Mander has also been taking ongoing education on new orthopedic surgery techniques which has allowed our clinic to offer better surgery options.  Thanks to his ongoing dedication to provide better care for our clients, we now perform TTA surgery for cruciate ligament ruptures, bone plating and intramedullary pinning for repair of long bone fractures.  He is very dedicated to the veterinary profession and makes sure to attend as many continuing education events as possible. A thorough professional,he tries to do his very best for his patients.

Recently, Dr. Mander has decided to focus his time at our associated practice, Fort Garry Animal Hospital.  This move allows him to have more family time, as well as giving him opportunity to develop new skills in endoscopy and orthopedics.  He will no longer be present every day at our Hospital, but is sure to make periodic “Guest” visits.