sam w 3

Sam has been a quiet member of our practice for some time.  She started volunteering her after she completed a work experience while in high school.  She enjoyed us all so much that she continued to volunteer here, until we were able to offer her a position with us.  She is part of our “behind the scenes”  team, and is one of the remarkable people that take care of your pet when in the hospital.  She always makes sure your pet has a clean and comfy kennel to rest in while here, and makes sure that their needs are met.

Sam’s future goal is to become a RVT, and is currently attending Red River College.  She is looking forward to starting her education and developing herself to becoming a registered veterinary Technician and being directly involved in patient care.  She is getting lots of practice and knowledge with us.  We are so proud of her and glad to provide her continued support during her education period.  Although she is not here as often, she will be around helping out and learning lots!

When Sam is not working hard at our practice, she loves to spend time with her furry buddy “Tick” (see photo) who keeps her busy with his antics.