Dr. Supreet Kahlon


Practice Owner, DVM

Dr. Kahlon graduated from Veterinary Medicine in India in 2008.  He has been at our clinic since 2010 where his easy personality and gentleness has made a friend to many nervous dogs and cats.  He enjoys working with everyone at the clinic, and getting a chance to learn and see many interesting cases.

Dr. Kahlon became a new dad in February 2012, so he does not have much “free time”anymore, but he would not change that, as he enjoys his little boy immensely.  When he does get a chance to relax, he likes to listen to music, travel, work out in the gym, and of course spend time with his family.

Dr. Kahlon is looks forward to furthering his knowledge and meeting many wonderful people while being part of the veterinary care team at Stonewall Veterinary Hospital.   In 2015 he joined Dr. Brown with becoming a part owner of our practice.