Kara officially joined our practice in November 2015.  I say officially because she was here with us to complete her work experience while in school in June 2015.

After she graduated from the Animal Health Technologist program at Red River, she worked at our associate practice, Southglen Veterinary Hospital.  We were able to have her start working with us in November, and have been enjoying her smile ever since.  Kara has a keen interest in diagnostic imaging and hopes to pursue more continuing education with dental and body x-rays, and to pursue education with ultrasonic imaging.  She has been a great fit to our Veterinary Team and we look forward to watching her grow and learn so much more.

Kara has also been involved with show dogs from an early age, and currently owns two beautiful Finnish Laphunds, ” Rain” and “Loyal”.  She enjoys training with her dogs for shows, agility trials, and sheep herding.  If you have never seen a Finnish Laphund, they are beautiful and extremely intelligent.  Just ask Kara, who is on a continuing mission to find a “dog Puzzle” that Rain cannot solve in under 3 minutes. Kara’s many years working with dogs of all sizes and breeds, has given her a very calm attitude in dealing with some of our more “energetic” canine patients.  She can also be counted on for great advice for helping you work off some of that energy with your pet.  She has also worked with many other different types of animals from rabbits, reptiles to horses.